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How to Buy the Best Masks

It is important that you have settled on buying a mask. A big number of researchers have found that putting on a mask in public places even though you aren’t feeling ill can help hinder coronavirus from spreading. This owes to the fact that you can transmit the COVID-19 even though you are not showing any symptom. The chief reason for wearing a mask is safeguarding others. As well, a face mask will protect you to some extent though to what extent depends on what type of mask you’re wearing. There’s no mask that’s going to provide complete fortification and they have to be looked at as a substitute for physical distancing for a minimum of two meters from other individuals, frequent hand-washing, and avoiding crowded places. Nonetheless, how do you determine which mask suits you? There is an array of face masks on sale, and choosing one for you might seem daunting. However, with the use of this guide, you’ll ease the task of finding a good face mask.

Fabric is the first thing you should check. You should look at how firm the weave is. This is the thing you must be keen on first. To check the fabric of a mask, hold it against the light. In case it is easy for you to notice the individual material’s outline, do not go on with buying since it will not make a perfect filter. Also, you will need to ensure that the fabric is soft enough to ensure you are comfortable enough so that you do not keep touching the mask.

Ensure you check the size. For a mask to be effective, it must be your correct size. It must cover your nose, mouth and under the chin without confining your normal head movements. You should be able to inhale and exhale comfortably while wearing the mask. If a mask is too big, it might not cover the required areas well and if too small, you’ll not be comfortable hence touching it many times.

Washability is the next factor to consider when buying a mask. There are two types of masks, washable and disposable ones. For those that are concerned about the budget, they should go for the washable ones. You will be putting on your masks regularly and you’ll want them to be clean at all times. You should consider the ones that are easy to wash to avoid the need of replacing your masks often.

Choose masks with several layers. Many studies have proved that multi-layered masks are more useful in hindering tiny particles. A good alternative is a mask that has two layers of tight-weave material with an attached pocket where one can put a filter.

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